At the beginning of December 2015, I was told that I am in critical need of lifesaving neurosurgery that could only be done by the world expert in the USA. When my family and I first heard this news, we were not only shocked by the severity and complexity of my damages, but also by the ginormous price tag it came with. How on earth would I be able to raise over £75,000 in just three weeks?

Well, I can proudly say that I have – currently just over £106,000!!!

I couldn’t have done it without all of you – family, friends and people who I have never met from around the world, local newspapers and radio stations. I would like to especially thank firstly, the Farnham Youth Choir12366234_10153287414317129_6593460398405198668_n who raised over £830 at their annual Christmas Concert from bucket collections. Secondly, all the singers who sung carols in the Lion & Lamb Yard in Farnham who raised over £860. Thirdly, all the local media coverage of my fundraising campaign and spreading awareness of EDS from The Farnham & Alton Herald, Petersfield Post, and 96.4 Eagle Radio. I am still so in shock and overwhelmed by all of your support!


Even though I have reached the target amount for my surgery, I am continuing my #CareForLaura fundraising campaign. Further donations and fundraising efforts will be put towards my post-op treatment, rehabilitation (physiotherapy, hydrotherapy etc.) and medications which were not originally included. I will be needing this for the rest of my life to ensure my spine stays aligned and this obviously comes at a high cost.

So please, do keeping spreading the word and I will be eternally grateful for your support and contribution to saving my life. DONATE HERE