My Second Lifesaving Neurosurgery on Wednesday 17th February went well, even though there were some unexpected additional surgical procedures that were required during the operation to help improve and preserve my quality of life. Unfortunately, I have lost a significant amount of sensory function in my lumbar spine and lower limbs and control of my bladder/bowels. However scary this is for me at the moment, we are hoping these sensory function nerves have not been permanently damaged already (pre-surgery), and that instead it will heal with time – but this is very uncertain. I have been discharged from hospital and am now recovering for the next two weeks under strict surgeons’ order of “bed rest” to prevent any further life-threatening spinal fluid leakage etc. Thank you all for your unbelievable continued support throughout these turbulent times for me and my family, but we are still “not out of the woods” yet – we still need to reach the target goal of £190,000 and this can only be done with YOUR HELP by spreading the word, sharing my story, fundraising efforts, and donationsI will update you all with further details about my surgery and journey of recovery once I am better rested. All my love, Laura Lee.