PLEASE SUPPORT BY DONATING HERE. I am in need to medically crowdfund £190,000 for all 3 EDS neurosurgery medical expenses and rehabilitation treatments.

Since recovering from my second surgery for Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome done on 17th February by specialist EDS neurosurgeon in Washington DC, I have been undergoing further specialist clinical tests and MRI’s for my lower neck. I have been losing sensory function of my left arm throughout this past year and the specialist Upright MRI equipment they have here in the USA has finally revealed that I will unfortunately be needing a 3rd neurosurgery on Tuesday 12th of April 2016 in Washington DC by the same specialist EDS neurosurgeon.

I have a herniated degenerative disc between C5/C6 vertebrae which has slipped under my neck ligament, impinging on my spinal cord and nerves, and causing me significant pain in my neck and loss of sensory function in my left arm. The surgeon said he had only seen one case of this type of herniated disc throughout his career due to the way it is positioned, so it won’t be a very straightforward surgery. My disc will be removed and replaced by a donor bone and my vertebrae will then be fused together with bone graft, my bone marrow and titanium plates and rods to provide stability. This in combination with my first neurosurgery will restrict my neck mobility.

In order for me to proceed with this specialist 3rd neurosurgery AND have funds to provide specialist EDS physiotherapy treatment post-surgery, I NEED to raise at least £190,000. This includes ALL 3 neurosurgery expenses of hospital fees, surgeon fees, medication costs, specialist consultation fees and specialist EDS physiotherapy for post-surgery and for the rest of my life etc.

Although I am recovering well from my 2nd surgery, I am still experiencing sensory function loss of my lower limbs from the Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome surgery and re-learning how to walk properly by using a medical walker and wheelchair to get around. I have been told that with specialist EDS physiotherapy I will hopefully regain my sensory function in my lower limbs and left arm within 6 months to 1 year post-surgery – this is if permanent nerve damage has not already been done. There is no guarantee that I will regain these sensory functions and this will not cure my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or scoliosis of my spine, but at least I will finally be free of the extreme pain and not have any life-threatening injuries to my spinal cord once this 3rd neurosurgery is completed.

Since arriving in Washington DC, I have had some visits by family and friends who are helping to keep my spirits up and aid me with my recovery which has been amazing! Equally as amazing has been the phenomenal support by everyone else in the help in fundraising and sending messages of support to myself and my family.

We are enormously grateful and need everyone’s help this last time to reach the £190,000 target so we can fund this final 3rd neurosurgery and I can finally be brought home to England, continue with my specialist physiotherapy rehabilitation, resume and finish my MSc Petroleum Geoscience degree at Imperial College, and continue on with my career aspirations and live life to the full!! PLEASE consider donating, thank you.