After being sent for an emergency MRI brain scan last week due to my neurological symptoms worsening, I have unfortunately been diagnosed with CVST (Cerebral Venous Left Sinus Thrombosis) which is a rare blood clot in my brain that affects 5 in 1 million people per year.

I have a major blood clot on the left venus side of my brain and left jugular vein which is completely obstructing blood flow and drainage which is life-threatening.

I was told that if this was not discovered when it was, the chances of me still being alive today was near impossible.

I still have not grasped the severity of the situation as it is so unbelievable. I keep replaying that moment in my head when I was encircled by my parents and my neurosurgeon who confirmed this diagnosis on Friday night. This isn’t a dream. This is reality. This is actually what is going on. I felt so numb to the situation. But my answer to the neurosurgeon was: “I’m going to fight this and not let it get the better of me.”

Once again, my neurosurgeon has saved my life.

This diagnosis answers a lot of the questions and neurological symptoms I have been experiencing: double vision, blurred vision, pupil dilation problems, peripheral vision loss,  weakness to left side of my leg and arm, numbness to both of my legs and feet, numbness/pins and needles in my left arm, hyperreflexia, unawareness of positioning of my feet and fingers, numbness around my cheeks, strong unbearable persistant headaches, depth and spatial perception difficulties etc.

Immediately after the diagnosis, I began medical injections (called “Lovenox”) to prevent more clots forming onto the major brain blood clot. Unfortunately, there is no drug that can dissolve the clot itself as it has been assumed the clot has built up over time. So, I am still in high risk of possibly suffering from a bleed/stroke at any moment if my brain pressure keeps increasing.

Further investigations are being done to test out my blood work, test whether the medical injection treatment is working, and whether there are any abnormalities with my antithrombotic mechanism cells (which naturally “kick in” to “chew” the clot away when the body recognises there is one in the body), and finally decide what treatment plan is best for my diagnosis – which could possibly include some type of surgery.

Even though I have already endured so much as it is already (three lifesaving neurosurgeries in a few months), it has turned me into a relentless fighter who will not give up. While currently I may not understand why I am having to go through these life challenges, I am not ready to stop my belief and determination to keep on living, and hopefully inspiring others to be strong no matter what life throws at you. Thank you all for your incredible support and love so far, and especially to my guardian angel watching over me.

Due to this unexpected new diagnosis, I am needing to really push above and beyond the £190,000 target goal. Please help in any way you can by donating, praying, positive thinking, sending encouragement messages etc. as my family and I are still in shock and so you can help me stay alive and bring me back home to England to be reunited with my family, friends and return to my 23 year old life.

All my love, Laura Lee x