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March 2017

Gluten-Free Blueberry & Cacao Fluffy Pancakes 

Laura Lee’s Kitchen by Mind, Body & EDS

When it comes to finding a good gluten free American pancake recipe that actually makes fluffy, mouth-watering, soft pancakes, I have searched far and wide and found it near impossible. A lot of recipes that are gluten free require mashed bananas. Unfortunately, due to my Mast Cell Activation Disorder, I am unable to eat bananas due to their high content of histamines. So I have trialled countless recipes that I had so much hope for, but failed terribly creating grainy, crumbly, tasteless pancakes that just don’t do the classic recipe justice.

But, gluten and dairy free eaters you will be relieved to hear that I have finally concocted the perfect balance of ingredients that actually create the closest replica of the classic American pancakes – and believe it or not, they are healthy too so you can selflessly indulge guilt-free! The combination of cinnamon, cacao and bursting warm blueberries is simply delicious! I recommend you trial these out on your non-gluten relatives and friends and see the surprised look on their faces when their taste buds are bursting with flavour!

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BREAKING NEWS: Laura must return to USA in April 2017 to undergo more investigations & brain surgery



Hospital Fees: £75,000 (+)

Surgeon Fees: £15,000 (+)

Hotel (3 weeks stay): £4000

Return Flights: £3000

Vision Therapy (12 sessions/24 hours): £3000

Physiotherapy (12 sessions/12 hours: £1500

Medications: £1200

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