So yesterday was a pretty emotional day. It was a day that I will cherish forever and is evidence of what can be accomplished if you set your mind on any goal in life – a combination of determination, persistence and most importantly, hope.
My vision therapy examination results (communication of how the eyes translate information to the brain) were beyond believable and even the specialist was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe the amount of progress I’ve made in just a few months…for the first time ever, my results came back as “normal”!

The specialist thought this result wouldn’t ever be possible because of the amount of permanent brain damage and trauma I’ve suffered from from this past year, causing me to completely lose my right eye’s ability to see and intake information to the brain – essentially it was “switched off” (see top photo). This caused me to completely lose depth perception, visualisation, memory, ability of reading and retaining information with ease, peripheral vision and so much more.

The most incredible news is that through my commitment to vision therapy, I’ve been able to recruit other areas of my brain to “light up” and take over the jobs that the damaged areas in the brain once did. The results showed that my right eye for the first time ever has no suppression and has now “switched on” (see bottom photo where I have drawn two images).

This is completely life changing and is truly a miracle! For so long I was seeing the world through such a difficult and complex perception that it was completely debilitating.

I am so grateful to Appelbaum Vision for getting me to this point in my recovery and ultimately saving my life contributing to figuring out I had a CVST brain clot last year.

I’ve officially been given the “green light” that my brain is functioning to a level of “normal” and I’m able to return to finish my Masters at Imperial College this autumn.

What a way to conclude my visit here to the USA and it’s such a great feeling to receive some good news for once! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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