“Be proud of all your scars. They are badges of honour you’ve earned from the challenges that life has thrown at you. Your scars are a sign of strength and resilience. A sign that you chose to keep surviving” • Laura Lee •

It’s discharge day! Wow, what a relief after the last three days of major post-op struggles and suffering from typical EDS crashes including severe dystonias, dysautonomia and adrenal insufficiency attacks, and pain like no other – exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe how my body is feeling. You’d think this being my 6th neurosurgery it would become easier, but each time it gets more difficult as my body becomes more fragile. This is just the beginning of a long journey of further surgeries that lie ahead of me. But, here’s to being the first EDS patient in the U.K. to undergo these series of pioneering brain and neurosurgeries – I’m hopeful that this new path of treatment will help restore the necessary bloodflow to my brain and neck and give me another chance at life. I choose to keep trying because there’s so much more life I have yet to live. Thank you for all your incredible love and support from across the world, each one of you gives me the spark of hope I need to keep going.

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