• Bravery isn’t a lack of fear, but continuing on despite it; through it all she kept going •

One of my worst post-op nightmares became a reality.

The last 24 hours have been a terrified whirlwind of exhaustion.

A routine brain catheter angiogram I had in Cambridge yesterday turned into an unexpected serious admission into majors A&E.

My joggers were soaked in my own blood, my leg was almost twice the size than it should have been, and I was so nauseated and vomited because the pain was so unbearable.

My body suffered from a major complication from the catheter angiogram and angioplasty, specifically a major haemotoma to my femoral vein and artery.

Thankfully I am now stable, the bleeding has stopped and the swelling has reduced. However, I’m still at risk of the possibility of the haemotoma clogging one of my arteries.

The reality is, simply existing with a rare condition that no doctor has a clue how to treat is beyond exhausting, difficult and overwhelming at times. I’m reminded of my struggles each day. Somedays life is all about your dreams, hopes and visions for the future. But there are somedays where life is simply just about surviving – focussing on putting one foot in front of the other, courageously continuing on this unbeknownst medical journey not knowing what challenge awaits around the next corner.

Now it’s time to give my body the chance to heal from this unpredictable ordeal. Thank you all for the love and support as always and giving me strength to get through another hurdle 💗🦓🦋

• Laura Lee • #nevergiveup #hope #zebrastrong